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Safer, More Compliant & Responsible

We’re setting the new standard for digital currency infrastructure and inclusive access to global, decentralized finance with our Layer-1 technology.

Compliant for Protection

Supported by reputable government agencies, partners, and investors; our technology is built with global consumer protection in mind.

Unwavering Security

With 100,000+ nodes across 200+ countries globally, you won’t have to sacrifice security for simplicity and adoption. We’re a truly decentralized network.

More Sustainable Together

Designed to provide more value, be more cost efficient and produce less e-waste vs. standard infrastructure.

Blockchain technology, a means to an end.

We’re improving global infrastructure through our innovative layer-1 technology.

Transforming Carbon Markets with IFC

IFC is bringing transparency and efficiency to carbon accounting by building on Chia’s layer 1 blockchain technology.

Real-World Use Cases for Blockchain Technology

We believe blockchains offer a superior toolkit to current technologies, addressing challenges for real-world use: markets, process integrity, identity, custody, payments and gaming.

Deep Dive Into our Distributed, Sustainable Layer-1 Architecture

Chia DataLayer: Enabling Data for the Internet’s Next Phase

Built for Any Utility

Infrastructure to Improve Global Trading Trust

Secure, permissioned, and immutable government data.

Security and Efficiency Combined

Built to scale a wide range of industries. Harness the power of our immutable technology with your current infrastructure to enhance trust, transparency, efficiency, and reduce points of friction.

Built for Innovators, Artists, and Collectors

Unlock the true potential of NFTs. Mint, collect, and trade on an ecosystem designed to help your assets thrive. Experience next-level digital ownership.

Build Dapps, Games, and More on a Better Blockchain

Discover the possibilities and benefits of programming on a more decentralized, efficient, and scalable network.

Grow the Network, Get Rewarded

Farm and earn Chia (XCH) with your computer hardware and unused storage space. Simple to start, effortless to scale, contribute, and earn.

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