Blockchain technology built the way it was meant to be.

Hi, we’re Chia. We’ve meticulously architected a better blockchain solution, solving issues with existing blockchains today in an effort to enable widespread use.

We believe in three non-negotiables for real-world blockchain use.


(Trustless Decentralization)


(Consumer Protection)


(Environmental Impact)

Let’s Talk Security.

Security is synonymous with decentralization. The higher the node count, the more decentralized, and in turn the more secure a blockchain is.

100k Nodes & Counting.

At over 100,000 nodes globally, we are one of the most decentralized public blockchains on the planet.

Reducing Friction,
Increasing Access.

If you have extra space on your hard drive, you can start farming, our version of mining. No need for ASIC miners or GPU cycles. This drastically reduces energy consumption to run consensus protocols.

Secure like PoW,
Green like PoS.

It’s called Proof of Space Time (PoST) and we built it to get the best of both worlds, the first new Nakamoto Consensus since Bitcoin’s in 2009.

Proof of Time increases the overall security of the blockchain by increasing the attack resistance of our consensus to 51% in most cases.

Transforming blockchain means transforming language.

Chialisp is our native programming language, built with security and auditability top of mind.

It allows our blockchain to lock assets in smart coins until spent and released by their owner. This means more security.

Compliance Means More Protection for Consumers.

In order to deliver on the promise of the next-generation blockchains, we believe that we must be regulatory compliant globally.

SEC and CFTC Regulations.

We let our securities be securities and our commodities be commodities, with the view that both the SEC and the CFTC have a place in regulating our activities.

We openly express our intent to become a public reporting company.

Funded by Reputable Investors.

Andreesen Horowitz, Richmond Global Ventures, Slow Ventures, True Ventures, Greylock, and DCM. We raised this funding by selling preferred stock, the tried-and-true method of Silicon Valley VC-backed startups on their way to becoming public.

Our Native Currency Has Never Been Sold.

We and the SEC agree that most ICOs are illegal unregistered securities offerings. Unlike much of the industry, we don’t believe the Howey test is difficult to apply, are confident that XCH (our native Chia currency) doesn’t constitute a security under Howey, and have proactively engaged with the SEC.

Become More Sustainably Responsible.

We’re powering enterprise and multilateral efforts to drive investment in sustainability, leveraging the strengths of our inherently low power and reusable resource-based consensus mechanism.

Less Than 1% the Energy Output.

Our proprietary consensus mechanism Proof of Space Time (PoST) drastically reduces energy requirements of Proof of Work based blockchains like Bitcoin.

We’re Transforming Carbon Markets.

What if we could increase access and create real global inclusion in the carbon markets?

Chia Loves Earth. You Should Too.

Check out the scalable sustainability at the heart of everything we build.

Read our Green Paper.

Dive into the nitty gritty about Proof of Space and Time and why it’s a must-have for sustainable blockchains.


A brighter tomorrow by securing the world’s financial future.

Unlocking global financial access, transparency, and empowerment with better blockchain technology.

Read our White Paper.

We take a disciplined approach to deliver on the promise that blockchains, cryptocurrency, and the Internet of MarketsTM will create.

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