Chia Founded


Team Members


Employee Countries


Bram Cohen Bram Cohen Director, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Founder
Gene Hoffman Gene Hoffman Director, Chief Operating Officer and President
Misha Graboi Misha Graboi Chief Financial Officer
Allison Van Houten Allison Van Houten Chief Marketing Officer
Vishal Kapoor Vishal Kapoor Chief Strategy & Business Development Officer
Dr. William Blanke Dr. William Blanke VP of Engineering
Thomas Chow Thomas Chow Chief Legal Officer
Steve Booth Steve Booth VP of Sales
J. Eckert J. Eckert VP of Ecosystems Operations
Justin England Justin England VP of DevOps and Security
Ken Griggs Ken Griggs VP of Customer Success
Jonmichael Hands Jonmichael Hands VP Storage Business Development
Russell Saito Russell Saito VP of Business Development
Ali Shadle Ali Shadle VP of Operations
Richard Tsao Richard Tsao VP of Business Development
Jesse Bias Jesse Bias
Craig Cornick Craig Cornick
Matt Howard Matt Howard
Lipa Long Lipa Long
Roy Natian Roy Natian
Jack Nelson Jack Nelson
E-ming Saung E-ming Saung